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For Parents

It is preferred that these records be sent to our office in advance. If this is not practical, please bring them with you.

MEDICAL RECORDS: Records from your child's previous doctor with a list of current medical problems, allergies, and medications.

IMMUNIZATIONS: A list of the names and dates of immunizations that your child has received.

SPECIALIST'S RECORDS: A list of the names and addresses of specialists who are presently providing care for your child.

BIRTH and PREGNANCY HISTORY: A list of complications that may have occurred during your pregnancy, and medicines that were taken while you were pregnant.

FAMILY HISTORY: A list of medical conditions that are present in close family members – especially those known to be hereditary- asthma, diabetis, cystic fibrosis, etc.

TELEPHONE and MAIL CONTACT INFORMATION: A list of home, work, and mobile telephone numbers for both parents (if applicable), and for others you wish to be contacted in case of emergency.

INSURANCE INFORMATION: It is best if you can bring your insurance card with you.


We accept all major insurances.Our office secretary can tell you if any other insurance plans are being considered by our practice or are pending. If we do not participate in your plan, you will receive an itemized statement that has been signed by a physician at the time of each visit. This bill should be attached to the standard claim form issued by your insurance company and mailed directly to them. Do not return it to us for processing. Claim forms can be obtained from your insurance company, your employer, or in some cases, from our office.

Your insurance contract should be read very carefully. In some cases, physician services require a co-payment at the time of services, or there may be no reimbursement until a deductible amount has been reached. Also, some carriers may only make payment if medical and diagnostic services are ordered or provided by their participating doctors; if they are performed at specific locations; or if they have received prior approval from the carrier. Our bookkeeper can provide additional information if it is needed.


Parents are expected to pay for office visits and co-payments at the time of each visit unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Statements of account are mailed monthly and are payable upon receipt. Credit card payments made in person or by telephone are acceptable. If you have questions about fees charged for service, please contact our bookkeeper as early as possible. Alternate payment arrangements are available for our patients when personal or financial problems arise. At times of need, we will discuss them with you.


A complete fee schedule is available from our secretary. Fees may change from time to time without prior notice. A modest surcharge is added for Sunday, holiday, and after- hours visits.


In general, please have your pharmacy call our office for medication refills. When calling, please specify dose, time given, and quantity desired. Please allow 1—2 days for processing.


The physicians and staff want our patients and parents to feel they have received outstanding service and medical care with each visit to our office. We want you to be Happy with your entire experience. Our goal is exceptional patient care. If you have any comments at all, positive or negative, please let us know. You can call us or simply e-mail us with your anonymous comments, suggestions. If you are happy, we are thrilled. If not, we want to know.

We are committed to the highest quality and are always looking for ways to improve.
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