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Useful Websites


We hope that you find these internet sites useful and interesting. However, we do not endorse the information and advice they may contain. Internet site content should not substitute for consulting us on medical and psychological matters.

Am Acad of Ped for Parents

CDC Traveler's Health

Health News

Medical Library

Recall Alerts

Disney –

Web MD ParentNews

Vaccine Safety

Breastfeeding Guide

Keeping Kids Safer

Childhood Autism

Special Needs Resources

Healthy Children A parenting website from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Not My Kid Information and resources for teens and their parents

Child Help USA Child abuse hotline and information

Vaccinate Your Baby Information site sponsored by Every Child By Two

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Lots of good information

Partnership for a Drug Free America Good information for parents

Consumer Product Safety Commision Toy recall information

Childhood Immunization Support Program Immunization information from the AAP

Kids Health Health topics for parents and kids

Zero to Three Information on infant and toddler developement

National Highway Traffic Safety Child safety seat information

National Resource Center on AD/HD Information about ADHD for parents

Center for Disease Control Information about diseases and foreign travel, as well as many other topics

American Academy of Pediatrics Information about many topics related to children

The Vaccine Education Center Immunization information for parents

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